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Cotton is a natrual fibre which is safe and soft. Cotton is breathable and will not generate static electricity. It would be a good idea to use cotton for your blanket.


Brushed on both sides. Soft to the touch. Comfortable and warm.


Reversible stripes design.


Sizes and Colors can be custom-made. OEM is welcome. Our main customers are brand owners, wholesalers and imorpters. 




What are natural fibres?

Natural fibers are fibers that are made out of natural materials that come from plants, animals, or minerals. The raw, natural materials are spun into threads and yarns that are then woven or knit into natural fabrics. There are two general categories of natural fibers: animal-based or plant-based. Animal-based natural fibers include silk, wool, alpaca, cashmere, while plant-based natural fibers include cotton, linen, and jute.

Advantages of Using Natural Fibres

Natural fibers are popular for many different reasons, as the fabric is generally more environmentally friendly and durable.

  • Absorbent. Natural fibers have an      incredibly high absorbency, as the fibers, both plant and animal, have a      strong affinity for water. This makes natural fibers a great option for      bed sheets and towels, as absorbency is an important factor for these      items because they’re used to dry surfaces and receive regular use.

  • Eco-friendly. Natural      fibers usually have a smaller environmental impact than synthetic fibers      because natural fibers do not use as many chemicals during the production      process. Some natural fibers are less eco-friendly than others because      some plants require more water.

  • Durable. Due to the structure of      cellulose, which makes up natural materials,, most plant-based fibers are      very strong. Animal-based fibers, like silk and wool, are also strong.

What are synthetic fibres?

Synthetic fibers are made of synthetic materials, usually derived from fossil-fuelled/petroleum-based oils. The fibres are generally extracted during the chemical process using a spinneret, which is a device that takes polymers to form fibers. The textile industry began creating synthetic fibers as cheaper and more easily mass-produced alternatives to natural fibers.


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